Predicting the impact of wind turbine noise


Predicting the noise impact of wind turbines

Objectives of the project

The PIBE project aims to improve methods for predicting the noise impact of wind turbines and to study noise reduction solutions and their efficiency, both in controlled and real conditions.


Expected results

The results will enable a wind energy developer to better control the risk of noise annoyance from the design phase of the wind farms, and to respond more effectively to the expectations of residents in terms of reducing annoyance on existing wind farms.



1st French collaborative research project on wind turbine noise

Wind energy is one of the renewable energy sources to reach the objective of public policies of increasing renewable energies to about one third of the final energy consumption by 2030. Despite a strong activity of the wind energy industry in the last 10 years, social acceptance and development of wind farms are often threatened by the fear of residents of the risk of noise pollution.

The PIBE project brings together specialists in aeroacoustics, sound propagation, experimental noise characterization and wind engineering.

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