WP 2 : Outdoor sound propagation code

An outdoor sound propagation code is nowe freely online

The outdoor sound propagation code used to create the uncertainty prediction tool is now freely available on Github!

This Matlab code solves the approximation of the wave equation by a parabolic equation (WAPE). It takes into account an inhomogeneous atmosphere (weather effects), as well as absorbing or reflecting ground.

The WAPE model proposed here is the "Extra wide-angle parabolic equations" (EWAPE) version from the work of [Ostashev et al 2020]. It is adapted to an arbitrary flow Mach number and can be used for one source or several sources of arbitrary height.


WAPE is developed using Padé(1,1) serial development. A Crank-Nicholson algorithm is used to reduce the equation to a matrix system. The 2D acoustic pressure field is then calculated using a second-order centred finite difference scheme on the velocity potential.

A presentation of the code is available in [Kayser, 2023].

Additional information

The repository also contains information on how to use the code.

This code is one of the outcomes of the PIBE project.