Presentation of the project's final results at the Internoise 2024 conference

The results of the PIBE project will be presented at the next Internoise congress on 25-29/08/2024 in Nantes in the 'Wind Turbine Noise' session.

Five communications will present a final summary of the project and different results from each axis:


Synthesis :
  • Ecotière, D., Gauvreau, B., Cotté, B., Roger, M., Schmich-Yamane, I., Junker, F., 2024. Predicting the impact of wind turbine noise: general overview and results of the PIBE project.
WP 1 (Characterising amplitude modulation phenomena)
and WP 3 (Reducing noise at source) : 
  • Cotté, B., Sicard, L., Monchaux, R., Jondeau, E., Souchotte, P., Roger, M., 2024. Experimental characterization of stall noise on a pitching wind turbine blade section.


WP 2 (Estimating the variability of sound levels and the associated uncertainties) : 

  • Gauvreau, B., Alarcon, A., Bianchetti, S., Boittin, R., Brendel, L., Cotté, B., Gary, V., Guillaume, G., Junker, F., Kayser, B., Lefèvre, H., Litou, G., Mascarenhas, D., Ripolles, J., Schmich-Yamane, I., Ecotière, D., 2024. Uncertainties in numerical predictions and experimental characterization of wind farm noise..
  • Guillaume, G., Cotté, B., Ecotière, D., Gauvreau, B., Lefèvre, H., Junker, F., Schmich-Yamane, I., 2024. Development and distribution of an in situ experimental wind turbine noise database.
  • Ripolles, J., Thénint, T., Schmich-Yamane, I., 2024. Introducing uncertainties in acoustic engineering studies.