Wind Turbine Noise : last news from PIBE project

campagne experimentale

The teams of Cerema, UGE, and the partner Energie Maintenance intervened one last time during the month of May to dismantle the last measurement devices in place (Lidar, ultrasonic anemometers in the weather mast).


UMRAE (Cerema/UGE) and et the Cerema laboraties of Clermont-Ferrand et and Blois carried out at the beginning of February the 2nd intensive observation camp


In June, UMRAE (Cerema/UGE) and Cerema laboratories of Clermont-Ferrand and Blois set up a major acoustic and meteorological monitoring campaign to complete the long-term experimental campaign.

2nd plenary meeting

Meeting of all the consortium partners on 03/12/2019 at the UMRAE Strasbourg (Cerema Est) for a review of the progress of the project: