Work Package 2 : experimental measurements

End of the long-term measurement campaign

The teams of Cerema, UGE, and the partner Energie Maintenance intervened one last time during the month of May to dismantle the last measurement devices in place (Lidar, ultrasonic anemometers in the weather mast).


The measurement campaign allowed to record during more than 400 days :

  • more than 57 million sound levels and 100 ms acoustic spectra [6.3 Hz; 20kHz] for 5 points distributed between 350m and 1.3km around the wind farm following different propagation directions,
  •  associated 10min meteorological data: vertical profiles of wind speed and direction (11 heights from 10m to 185m), vertical profile of temperature (4 heights, from 6m to 80m), vertical profile of wind turbulence (3 heights from 10m to 80m)
  • data related to the operation of wind turbines (electrical production, operating parameters of wind turbines ...).


The large amount of data collected (7 TB) will be subject in 2021 to a specific post-processing to have a database free of inconsistent or invalid data.

The database will be used from mid 2021 to feed both the work of WP 1 (amplitude modulations) and WP 2 (uncertainties).