Work Package 2 : Experimental measurement campaign/ IOP #2

Achievement of the second Intensive Observation Period

UMRAE (Cerema/UGE) and et the Cerema laboraties of Clermont-Ferrand et and Blois carried out at the beginning of February the 2nd intensive observation campaign on the wind farm. An important acoustic and meteorological monitoring set-up allowed to complete the long-term campaign during one week. The installation of a second Lidar anemometer will allow to study the influence of wake effects on acoustic propagation.

This winter campaign completes the summer campaign.


Noise level measurements: 15 free field measurement points located between 500m and +/-2000m

Sound power measurement of wind turbines: 2-point IEC 61400-11


Measurement of vertical wind and temperature profiles: 3 3D ultrasonic anemometers, 2 weather Lidar, 1 weather mast 80m (3 anemometers, 3 3D sonic anemometers and 3 temperature probes)